MINCOVNÍČKOVO – Underground beneath towers

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pointer 03203 Liptovský Ján / see the map phone +421 908 640 061 email info@sibir.sk web http://www.podvezami.sk
hours Daily
10:00 - 16:00

MINCOVNÍČKOVO – Underground beneath towers

Enjoy life story of the coin – its birth at the Mint and conception deep in the earth. You will see it through the eyes that you were not looking for a long time, or you will watch it for the first time. You will recognize a touch of metal with fire and water. You will go down into the bowels of the earth for gold-bearing ore and finally you will experience a real auction when the coin begins its new life in the fine hands of numismatics. You can get to the exposure by car and par your car on parking place for free. It is excellent experience for the entire family.


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