SV. BARBORKA – Bear´s Mine Žiarska Valley

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hours Daily
10:00 - 16:00

SV. BARBORKA – Bear´s Mine Žiarska Valley

The only ancient mining spot in the Liptov region open to public. In the unrivalled atmosphere enhanced by light from an oil lantern you will walk along the spots which had been created by men through dozens of years in their hope of finding gold. The headlamps will be provided before entering the cave.

Liptov is a land of mountains where you can step into a fairy tale. Once upon a time there were magical creatures living here. It´s not easy to find them nowadays, but if you have desire for adventure, you can find places where fairy tales are still alive. Those places are full of magic and covered in secret.

One of them is a The mythical empire Aghartha.

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Map of fairy tale Liptov


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