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pointer 03483 Bešeňová 136 / see the map phone +421 44 4307 708 email info@besenova.com web http://www.besenova.com/
hours Monday - Thursday

The all year round open resort  Bešeňová is based on using the geo-thermal energy and offers relaxation and entertainment in the beautiful surroundings of Liptov.

The area offers 8 outdoor pools with geo-thermal water, 1 outdoor pool with clear heated water, 3 indoor pools made of stainless steel, with clear water, 1 indoor water slide from stainless steel, an atrium with 2 outdoor whirlpools under the sky, spa world with 5 saunas, fun-adrenaline zone includes tube tower with 6 tubes, pool with waves, children´s pool with attractions.

In a new all year round open adrenaline zone you can find 30 m high water slide tower with a panoramic view and 6 water slides, total length over 1 km, including the longest waterslide in Slovakia. Pool with artificial waves offers an unforgettable experience and unique atmosphere of the sea and waves.

All children will enjoy fun in the new children’s water castle with water attractions like slides, mini slides, water cannons and water pumps… Enjoy a ride on the longest tube in Slovakia or measure your time with a rival on the racing tube with the sound and power of the engine formula F1. Ride in the waterslide with special light and sound effects will bring you unusual experience.

Bešenová is built on the hot springs of the thermal waters, which come from the depth of 1987 m with a temperature of 60.5 °C. Has beneficial effects on the motion and respiratory organs, good cosmetic effects and because of the lithium has positively influence on the human mind aswell.


outdoor swimming pools with geothermal water has been opened for public in 1993, renovated and reconstructed in 2006 and 2007
currently is available 8 outdoor pools with thermal water
geothermal water come from depth of 1987 m with a temperature of 60.5 ° C.
Water temperature in pools is 26-39 ° C
2 swimming pools (large and small), 5 relaxation pools, one pool for non-swimmers
3 outdoor slides
6 pools are open all year round
pools are suitable for all age groups
in relaxation pools are available water attractions like, underwater benches and chairs around the edges of pools, water jets, water mushroom, water bowl, …


in 2008 were opened 5 new pools of stainless steel with clear warm water
water temperature 24-37 ° C
suitable for all age groups
pools are not open during the winter season


olympic swimming pool SPORT 25 m – area 336 m2, 6 flotation lanes, starting blocks
relaxation pool MARA with attractions – 600 m2, with a underwater beds and benches with massage jets.
children’s pool – area 100 m2, attractions – splashing fountain and hedgehog
“Wild River” – an area of 125 m2, 9 jets create a jet of water and entrained visitors
non-swimmers pool , which resulted in 2 waterslide and 3 runaway slide

In the pool hall you will find stainless swimming pool with watersports and other water attractions, indoor slide, stainless relaxing pool with underwater desk, massage jets and stainless children’s pool with slide, water mushroom and hedgehog. Lighting with Swarovski crystal gives a special atmosphere. You can enjoy relax and romantic under the stars in the atrium with two whirlpools.


complex was opened in 2006, suitable for all age groups
all indoor pools are from stainless steel with crystal clear heated water
large swimming with water shoot
relaxation pool with seating benches and massage jets
children’s pool with a water mushroom and hedgehog
indoor stainless steel slide
water temperature 27-39 ° C
pools open all year round


sitting pool – variety of attractions right in the pool (under bench water, air bench, massage nozzles, spouts, bubblers). Reflector with Swarovski crystals adds a special atmosphere. Water temperature is 36 – 40 ° C.
large swimming pool – stainless steel slide, spouts, jets, around pools are seating stairs (with total length of 43 m, with elevation of 4.5 m)
children’s pool – for children are prepared slide, water mushroom and water hedgehog
open air atrium with stainless hot tubs, open all year

Besenova prepares for you the original sauna ceremonials 3 times per day every wednesday and saturday only in Bešeňová…

17:00 Citrus ceremony / herbal
18:00 Special themed ceremony
19:00 Winter at Chopok

The water temperature in pools ranging from 36° to 40° C. Unusual atmosphere of relax and wellness services is created by Wellness & Spa – magic world of fragrances in the complex of 5 saunas, relaxing music and warming armchair from 24-carat gold.

Liptov is a land of mountains where you can step into a fairy tale. Once upon a time there were magical creatures living here. It´s not easy to find them nowadays, but if you have desire for adventure, you can find places where fairy tales are still alive. Those places are full of magic and covered in secret.

One of them is a Water park Bešeňová.

More about play LIPTOVIEDKY you can find HERE.

Map of fairy tale Liptov


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