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What is je Liptov Region Card

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The Liptov Region Card discount card allows its owner to get discounts of up to 100% on offer of services for partner excursions, attractions and facilities.

The Liptov Region Card card is distributed and distributed through OOCR REGION LIPTOV contractual sales points along with the Klaster LIPTOV Tourism Association.

Pay a few euros and save hundreds

If you decide to stay for at least 1 night at one of our partner accommodation facilities in the Liptov region you will get card for a FREE or 3 €.

Alternatively you can buy the Liptov Region Card at the information centers for € 5.

View discounts you can get

According to specific acceptance spots categories, points will be credited to your account for using discounts at an acceptance spot (Mountains and snow, Water parks, Culture…). The points can be also gained for accommodation in one of our partner accommodation facilities in the region of Liptov. When reaching designated number of points, you, as a card holder, will be included in a draw for attractive prizes. Detailed information on the royalty programme can be found in this brochure or at visitliptov.sk.

Key to the gateway to the largest arena of outdoor and natural field in Slovakia, which allows you to get the best discounts for great attractions, pleasure places, cultural sites, adrenaline attractions and other partner establishments of tourism in Liptov region. Enjoy water parks, go up to the peaks by mountain lifts, experience the adventurous rafting, visit museums, learn about secret caves, enjoy a meal or buy something to wear. With Liptov Region Card you can get attractive discounts from 5% to 50%.

The cardholder is the person who has received a valid LIPTOV Card at an authorized point of sale. The card is non-transferable, issued in the name of its owner. The use of LIPTOV Card Discounts and Benefits to third parties is prohibited.  Everyone who wants to get discounts and get points within the loyalty program with LIPTOV Card is obliged to prove his own LIPTOV Card at the facility where the discount is provided.See list in www.visitliptov.sk.

If you decide to stay at least one night at one of our partner‘s accommodation in Liptov, get a card for FREE. Otherwise you can purchase Liptov Region Card at information centres for 5 €.

The card is available to everyone, even to children above 6 years, and you can get it in one of sales points such as partner accommodation facilities or information centres in the region of Liptov. See list in www.visitliptov.sk.

isit the attraction providing the discount on Liptov Region Card. Actual discounts available in this brochure on are www.liptovcard.sk. Places that provide discounts easily recognized by the sticker „Liptov region card valid here“. Please show your Liptov Region Card and use your discounts immediately as a holder of Liptov Region Card during certain tourist season.

You can find current discounts in the brochure you download. You can easily find locations that offer discounts by following the “Card accepted here” label.

The validity of your Liptov Region Card is unlimited. However, to obtain the highest (stay)  discounts, stay in Liptov region at one of our partner‘s accommodation facilities for minimum 2 nights. All other (fixed) discounts are available any time you spend your time in Liptov region.

Free WIFI points on Liptov

If you want to be ONLINE and you dont have mobile internet dont panic. On Liptov you can reach the social networks and your mail comfortably through free wifi points located in Miniature Park Slovakia, Information center Ruzomberok, Giant – entertainment area for children, Memorial and Military Cemetery Háj Nicovô.

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