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pointer 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš, Garbiarska 695 / see the map phone +421 0905 576 634 email horoskola@horoskola.sk web http://www.horoskola.sk
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The immediate connection with the surrounding countryside and air, which you will become part of once you start your flight. You have got the feeling you are a strong man and for many people it is unknown feeling of freedom. You can experience all these without having to know anything about flying. You just have to sit back in the seat and enjoy your flight. During the flight instructor will show you a way how to fly and under the supervision of a professional you can try to fly the aircraft yourself. It is possible to fly up to the impressive heights, often to the clouds and to discover a new world, a world into which you will want to return again. For many people is the flight in ultra light aircraft or a tandem paraglide unforgettable experience of a lifetim.

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