Horses in Východná

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pointer Východná 465, 032 32 Východná / see the map phone +421 944 503 567 email web
hours 08.00 – 19.00 • on previous booking

Horses in Východná

Come with us and enjoy a perfect adventure from the horseback.

We will go together through a beautiful mountain landscape where majestic Kriváň Mt will accompany us all the time. On a horseback we will discover countryside, beautiful views, herb plantations, wildly living cows and horses, or wild animals living in our region. We will visit places where horses can take a rest; we will refresh ourselves and enjoy the sounds of nature and long views to the Liptov basin or a view of the beautiful Tatras (Low, High and West Tatras).

You can find half-day or full-day trips in our offer, with breaks for relaxation and refreshment. This is a real adventure suitable for couples or for families with children. There are many trails of different difficulty, so everyone will come into his own, even beginners.

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